Which Power Wheelchair Has the Highest Weight Capacity?

If you are wondering, “which power wheelchair has the highest weight capacity?” you are not alone.

Our customers continuously ask that question and we dedicated this blog post to a power wheelchair with the highest weight capacity.

Drum roll, please…

The Boss 6 Series Power Wheelchair has the highest weight capacity, with the ability to support between 600 lbs. to 675 lbs.

BOSS 6 Series Power Wheelchair

The Boss 6 Series is one of the best heavy duty electric wheelchair sold from our nationwide store. The product provides immense comfort, has brilliant performance and a sleek appearance.

The Best Mobility Scooter for the Obese

When you are looking for a power wheelchair with the highest weight capacity, the Boss 6 Series is the best choice. Customers who are obese find fantastic value by selecting this quality electric wheelchair as their method for mobility.

The Boss 6 Series is equipped with a 4-pole motor with 90 amp modular controller, capable of reaching a maximum speed of nearly 5 mph. The quick traveling experience will have the driver reach his or her destination sooner than competing models.

Boss 6 Series Manual

This long distance power wheelchair has group 24 12V 75AH batteries. With these batteries, the Boss 6 Series uses mid-wheel drive to cover a 20-mile travel range.

The combination of good maximum speed and the ability to cover longer distances makes the Boss 6 Series an excellent investment based upon performance.

The quality electric wheelchair is good for a residential environment, along with a commercial building and outdoor travel. The Boss 6 Series has a tight turning radius inside buildings of 27”. Having a sharp turning radius will ensure that the 4 wheel power wheelchair will not bump into nearby desks or furniture.

The Boss 6 Series was designed for comfort. For obese customers, the seat can come in sizes up to 24” in width. This is more than enough to support larger bodies.

For smaller customers, the Boss 6 Series can have a smaller seat, as low as 18” width. There is an option to customize the seat to the body of the driver, $595, which will provide an unbeatable travel experience.

As we mentioned, the weight capacity of the heavy duty power wheelchair is 600 lbs. However, for $495, the weight capacity for this power wheelchair for traveling can be increased to 675 lbs.

Having a significant weight capacity affords the option of including additional accessories with the power chair. There are 11 options to choose from!

A weatherproof cover, $140, provides comprehensive coverage from inclement conditions. This can mean a passing rainstorm while returning from the grocery store with products, along with offering protection from the scorching summer sun.

The safety flag, $30, is another excellent accessory to include with the purchase of the Boss 6 Series. When using the power wheelchair at a theme park, there is the possibility that the driver will become separated with his or her group.

The separation, especially if kids are involved, can become an unnerving situation. With the safety flag, the driver will be easier to spot in a large crowd, turning a scary moment into a relieving situation.

Just like an accessory can make the Boss 6 Series better personalized to your needs, so can other options, such as the foot riggings. The Boss 6 Series comes equipped with a standard footplate. But there are six other promising options to choose from.

There is an extra large footplate, $125, that is incredibility spacious. A swing away footrest, $195, that is designed to compliment the comfortable traveling experience and is simple to push aside when the driver needs to exit the vehicle. There are even heavy duty elevating leg rests for an additional $315.. A popular choice among our previous customers.

The luxury power wheelchair is currently listed for $7,150, which reflects a discount of 5 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. The Boss 6 Series can also be purchased using simple financing.

Simple financing allows our customers to purchase our products in monthly installments. For customers on a tight budget, our simple financing options make sense. For the Boss 6 Series, our simple financing options start at $629 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

The awesome looking power wheelchair comes in a variety of colors. Our customers can choose an attractive candy apple red, ocean blue or midnight black. Regardless of the selection, the Boss 6 Series will provide an excellent first and subsequent impression on other people.

Experience an Amazing Purchasing Experience

This article recommended the Boss 6 Series. The Boss 6 Series is a heavy duty electric wheelchair with the highest weight capacity at our nationwide power wheelchair store, supporting up to 675 lbs.

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Mobility Scooters Direct loves connecting our customers with the best products on the market. The Boss 6 Series, which has the highest weight capacity, is among the many top-of-the-line products sold from our nationwide store.

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