These Long Distance Electric Wheelchairs Are Going Viral

What does the Boss 4.5 Power Wheelchair, the Merits Health 710 Atlantis Power Wheelchair and the Heartway USA Rumba SR Standard Power Chair Rear Wheel Drive have in common?

These long distance electric wheelchairs are going viral in the power wheelchair community.

These popular options are known for their compact design and ability to reliably empower the driver with the ability to travel from one place to another with ease.

This article will cover why these prominent power wheelchairs are suddenly everything that is right about the industry. Power wheelchair reviews are favorable for these products.

The Best Long Distance Power Wheelchairs for Routine Travel

The Boss 4.5 is a reliable model manufactured by power wheelchair juggernaut PaceSaver. The 4 wheel power wheelchair for traveling combines comfortability and performance to deliver the best drives every time.

The Boss 4.5 is equipped with a comfortable admirals seat that provides a luxurious seating arrangement, especially for drivers who have lower back problems. The seat secures the driver while minimizing the effects of uneven, rough terrains, along with mile after mile of continuous travel.

BOSS 4.5 Power WheelchairThe battery-powered wheelchair reaches maximum speeds of 5 mph. Equipped with group 24 12V 75AH batteries, the Boss 4.5 is a long distance electric wheel chair that can cover 25 miles per complete charge. The weight capacity of the power wheelchair is a robust 450 lbs.

We implore our customers to purchase the affordable power wheelchair while it is in stock. The Boss 4.5 is listed for $4,375, which reflects a discount of 40 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Alternatively, the 4 wheel power wheelchair starts at $385 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

A second fantastic product from our nationwide power wheelchair store is the 710 Atlantis. This 4 wheel electric wheelchair is a reliable heavy duty power wheelchair that will last for years from the date of purchase.

The power wheelchair, from manufacturer Merits Health, has superb performance for mile after mile of efficient travel. The electronic wheelchair has a DC 24V 300W motor that enables the driver to go at a 5-mph maximum speed. This long distance electronic wheelchair can cover 32 miles per complete charge with group 24 12V 75Ah batteries. The weight capacity on the 710 Atlantis supports obese customers up to 600 lbs.

Customers who purchase the power chair often add additional accessories to their quality electric wheelchair. We recommend the large rear basket, $70, which provides a secure place to hold the belongings of the driver when traveling from place to place. The spacious basket is perfect for medical documents, for instance, when traveling to a nearby doctors office.

merits health 710 atlantis power wheelchairAnother fantastic accessory that we recommend is the oxygen tank holder for our obese customers. Many of our obese customers have type A personalities, meaning they are always working hard, striving to reach their goals. However, lack of oxygen can hold them back. The oxygen tank holder, $90, will reliability carry an oxygen tank, capable of withstanding variations in terrain traveled on.

Lastly, consider the Rumba SR — a luxurious electric wheelchair that is all the rave among the power chair community.

Clyde, a recent customer of the Rumba SR, gave the power chair five-stars in the electronic wheelchair review. “Best power for the money,” opines Clyde. Clyde was impressed by the attention to detail that went into the 4 wheel power wheelchair. “You can tell it’s American made. No short cuts. Top in the line component.”

Clyde recommends the product for people looking for a quality power wheelchair. “For the price you add up to a winner,” said Clyde.

The product comes equipped with an 18″ high back captains seat for sustained comfort. The awesome looking power wheelchair comes in red with a black seat or red with a grey seat, both of which look fantastic, providing great first impressions.

SAVE MONEY TODAYThe power wheelchair from manufacturer Heartway USA has impressive performance. The electronic wheelchair has a 450W motor, capable of reaching maximum speeds of nearly 5 mph. This long distance power wheelchair has the option of 12V 35AH or 12V 50AH batteries, with the former providing 28 miles per complete charge while the latter provides 28 miles of sustain travel. The weight capacity of the quality electric wheelchair is 300 lbs.

Purchase the Rumba SR for $1,799, which reflects a discount of over 30 percent from the MSRP. For simple financing options, the affordable electronic wheelchair starts at $159 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Buy a Power Wheelchair to Gain Independence

This article recommended three of the best electronic wheelchairs — the Boss 4.5, the 710 Atlantis and the Rumba SR — for extended travel. These awesome looking power wheelchairs are designed with the needs of their customers in mind, built to the last detail.

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