Going the Distance: The Best Power Wheelchairs for Travel

Power wheelchairs alleviate the difficulty in travel for many people who suffer from various ailments. This is imperative for those people because a majority have busy schedules that require punctual appearances, and the ability to focus their minds on their work and not their setbacks. This article, “Going the Distance: The Best Power Wheelchairs for Travel,” will provide several recommendations for traveling within a busy area. This can range from having your children meet you at your office at work day’s end, so as to attend a baseball game at the nearby stadium; to meeting a client seven blocks away for a power lunch.

Recommended Power Wheelchairs

The first model to check out is the LiteRider ENVY Portable Power Wheelchair. This model is ideal for people who find themselves needing a power wheelchair to navigate through office buildings and to the nearest public transportation or to their own automobiles. The model from Golden Technologies is ideal for that pursuit due to its extremely light frame, weighting a mere 116 lbs. In addition, this power wheelchair disassembles easily, taking little space in travel.

The model has a maximum speed of 3.5 mph, a travel range of 9.5 miles, a turning radius of 26”, and a weight capacity of 300 lbs. It is currently priced at $1425—a discount of over 25 percent from the MSRP. For easy approval financing, the model starts out at $126 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

A second model to consider is from Heartway USA, the Heartway USA Sahara KX Power Wheelchair. This model is reliable, capable of handling bumps in the road or traveling on grassy plains. It durable design allows a range of options to ensure safety when traveling, such as the excellent suspension system. It has a maximum speed of 6.25 mph, a traveling range of 20 miles, and a weight capacity of 450 lbs. While it has an MSRP of $7999, the model is on nearly a 50 percent discount, priced at $4299. For financing, this model starts from $378 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

For those who demand comfort when they travel from one place to another, the BOSS 4.5 Power Wheelchair is your go-to option. Equipped with an adjustable captains seat, this model also has two huge front wheels to ensure a smooth ride. The model has excellent suspension, capable of making tight turns look easy.

The model from PaceSaver has a maximum speed of 5 mph, a travel range of 25 miles, a turning radius of 24.40”, and a weight capacity of 450 lbs. One can purchase this model today for $4375, which is discounted by 40 percent. Also offered on this model is easy approved financing, starting at $385 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

An equally comfortable model, with a more serious and compact appearance is the CTM HS-5600 Power Wheelchair. While this model is also equipped with a luxurious captains seat, it differs functioning with rear wheel drive, having two 14” wheels propel and stabilize the power wheelchair.

It has a maximum speed of 5 mph, a traveling range of 15 miles, and a weight capacity of 400 lbs. The model is priced at $2458, a value buy, which is currently on nearly 60 percent off the MSRP. For financing, this model starts from an inexpensive $217 a month at a 10 percent APR for 12 months.

Lastly, check out the Heartway USA CEO Power Wheelchair. If you posit that we’ve saved the best for last, you have a good claim as this is a high preforming model with an equally high customer satisfaction. This model has some of the best features that all the previous models mentioned in this article has, such as large wheels and a durable design.

Our customers who purchase this model have raved about the models comfortable power elevated seat, which makes sitting and standing much easier. Equally amazing is the appearance of the model that gives off a sense of perfection. This model from Heartway truly can do it all.

The Heartway USA CEO Power Wheelchair has a maximum speed of 6.25 mph, a travel range of 31 miles, a turning radius of 33”, and a weight capacity of 350 lbs. The model is on a 45 percent discount from its MSRP, priced at a reasonable $8499. We also offer financing for the model, which for 12 months at a 10 percent APR is $748 per month.

Purchase a Power Wheelchair

Each of the models recommended within this article are available to purchase at the customer’s convenience by visiting our website. Also available are various accessories that can be added to each model to truly personalize the power wheelchair to the driver’s preference. This is imperative, from our viewpoint, because the power wheelchair is a miracle device that adds so much simplicity and efficiency to the lives of their owner—it is truly the difference between night and day. Therefore, it is imperative that the driver corresponds to the needs of our customers.

Following purchase of the vehicle, past customers have described how their day-to-day lives have been effected from their power wheelchair. Such success stories brings tears to our eyes and a quiet confidence that acknowledges the value we’ve brought to various lives since our company’s inception. Our company views customer service as paramount to our success. To communicate with one of our skilled representatives—who can answer a range of questions—feel free to engage in a LiveChat or call our team directly at (877) 721-7748.

CTM HS-5600 Power WheelchairIn addition to answering questions, our representatives can provide more recommendations than the models recommended in this article. This is a simple process, requiring openness in sharing the ailment you may have; your typical schedule that you participate in; the goals you’re seeking from a power wheelchair; the price range you have for purchase; and the type of terrain you usually venture on from day-to-day.

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