Giving Away Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchairs for Homeless Vets

Mobility Scooters Direct is conscious of our military veterans as the holiday season approaches, as we will donate $20,000 worth of mobility scooters and power wheelchairs to homeless vets. These are some of the best mobility scooters and power wheelchairs on the market today and they will significantly make the lives of our homeless military veterans easier.

Andrew Fatalo, who is the owner and CEO of Mobility Scooters Direct, was inspired to assist homeless and disabled veterans, who are often forgotten in our society. “By giving a power wheelchair to someone in need it will help them gain their independence and continue life to some sort of normalcy,” said Fatalo.

“There are homeless vets out there that can’t get around at all. It’s hurting them more and more each day. The more a homeless vet can get out and explore the area around them, the more of a chance they will have to finally get a break in life. Maybe that is a new job, another donation, anything really.”

That is where Mobility Scooters Direct comes in. Our mobility assistance company will help these homeless vets live the lives they aspire to, having resolved a major impediment to their success, which is a lack of mobility with some of our best mobility scooters and our quality power wheelchairs.

Junior Clark, a former active military member, was the recipient of a previous mobility scooter and power wheelchair give away. Clark was a valuable member of our armed Quality Power Wheelchair Give-Awayservices, providing valuable assistance in his earlier years. However, Clark requires the assistance of a quality mobility scooter to travel from one place to another.

On the video provided by Clark on our website, he thanks Mobility Scooters Direct for the mobility scooter he received during the previous give away, saying “I appreciate it a lot because I really need it,” said Clark. “Thank you and God bless your day.” Since receiving his long distance mobility scooter, Clark has found his life to be much easier.

For Clark, he found his life come back in track to the goals that he sets out for himself. On the other hand, the pieces of the puzzle do not always fall back into place as sequentially as it has for Clark. On our website, we offer an excellent resource for our homeless veterans — and others who are disabled.

A similar program to our Mobility Scooter and Power Wheelchair Give-Away to Homeless Vets is our Mobility Scooters Direct Scholarship Program. This program offers a scholarship for students with disabilities.

Each year, Mobility Scooters Direct empowers a student with $1,200 to use for a mobility scooter of their choosing. Interested applicants must be enrolled in a minimum of over six hours undergraduate or three hours of graduate studies from an accredited university or college.

Applicants must also submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher, professor or counselor to be considered. Those who meet the criteria will be chosen at random at the end of the year to receive the award.

Another valuable resource to consider is the Disabled Person’s Employment Resource Guide, which on our website provides a wealth of useful information pertaining to employment recourses for persons who have disabilities. “Under the protection of the American’s with Disabilities Act, you have the right to equal employment opportunities,” the site begins.

“Employers are required to provide you with accommodations based on your disability under the ADA and as a person with a disability it is important that you are educated on the laws and requirements for employers that employ someone with a disability. This page is a resource for individuals with disabilities to find information related to employment.”

This reference material provides a starting place to learn more about assistance for people with disabilities. In the latter portion of the document, legal assistance and accessibility guidelines are also noted.

Fatalo’s Roots Influence Mobility Scooters Direct Charitable Giving

In conclusion, Mobility Scooters Direct is seeking to continue our past charitable giving by giving away mobility scooters and quality power wheelchairs for homeless vets. Previous recipients, such as Clark, found a transformation in their daily activities having received either a mobility scooter or a power wheelchair.

Fatalo is committed to continue going above and beyond to help our homeless and disabled veterans. “We owe our respect and kindness to our homeless vets. They protected our country while we take our freedom for granted,” Fatalo said.

Fatalo has several family members in the military. This includes his father — a collaborator on the project — who is a Vietnam veteran, who served in the Marine Corps and his immediate family, such as his brother (Afghanistan and Iraqi Freedom) and grandfather (WWII veteran and prisoner of war).

“There are no other organizations helping out. We have been contacting veteran associations and have not had any calls or emails back,” said Fatalo. “This is why we are taking it to the media. We are going to rely on the public to help find the right candidates over the next four to five weeks.

“If it weren’t for our customers calling to donate, we would have never been able to do this. As my promise to my customers that these machines would go to someone who needed them. My customers weren’t looking for a tax write off, but just to help someone in need.”

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