Electric Wheelchair Reviews Say Buy the P326D Power Elevating Chair

Electric wheelchair reviews say buy the P326D power elevating chair.

Pamela W., a verified buyer, awarded the Merits P326D Power Elevating Wheelchair with five-stars in her power wheelchair review.

Which wheelchairs offer an elevating seat? The Merits P326D

Pamela knew she was making a good decision when she purchased the power wheelchair with an elevating seat from Mobility Scooters Direct. Still, she is surprised how much simpler her life has become post-purchase.

“It allows me to see the top of the stove, sink and countertop,” Pamela said.

Melanie E., a second verified buyer, also awarded the P326 power wheelchair with five-stars in her electric wheelchair review. Melanie is extremely satisfied with her purchase.

What she was most surprised about was the customer service provided by Mobility Scooters Direct. “I appreciated having someone that I could reach by phone,” Melanie said, “in the office who could troubleshoot problems.”

It comes as no surprise that the Merits p326 D wheelchair is one of the best products on the market; nor that customers choose our company to acquire this essential product from.

The quality power wheelchair has been popular product since it was first featured at a trade conference in October 2016. One of the reason that are attributed to the favorable opinion of the Merits p326 D wheelchair is that it has excellent performance.

The P326 power wheelchair is equipped with a 24V 160-watt motor. The 4 wheel power wheelchair can reach a 5 mile per hour maximum speed. This maximum speed will swiftly have the driver reach his or her intended destination in a reasonable time.

While traveling at this quick pace, the p326 electric wheelchair has a ground clearance of 2”, 6 degree grade climbable and 20” turning radius. Therefore, should there be any hills in the route, the power wheelchair for traveling will adjust excellently.

The long distance power wheelchair, with U1 12V batteries, can cover up to 18 miles per complete charge.

The battery powered wheelchair has a weight capacity of 300 lbs., which can support most customers, even some who are obese.

One of the features that draw customers to the power chair is the ability to elevate. The Merits P326 D wheelchair can elevate a total of 7.5”. The seating position is 48.5”, therefore, reaching a 56” height—and anything in between.

Virginia M., who wrote is pleased with her p 326 d electric wheelchair, awarded the product a five-star rating.

Her husband recently purchased the 4 wheel electric wheelchair as a surprise birthday gift for her.

“Wow!” Virginia said. “I love it!”

Virginia finds that the seat function has made her life much easier, especially around the house.

“I recommend the chair to anyone unable to reach higher items,” Virginia wrote in her five-star power wheelchair review, “and especially in the kitchen.”

Having the ability to reach items in the kitchen is important, but so is having a comfortable power wheelchair.

The P326D Power Elevating Chair comes equipped with a captain seat that is comfortable and ergonomic. The seat includes a head rest to best support the driver while in motion.

Therefore, in short to extended trips, the driver will find comfort with this quality electric wheelchair, without jeopardizing his or her body to pain. Not many power wheelchairs on the market can make that claim.

As of the publication of this article, the affordable power wheelchair is currently on a significant, nearly 60 percent discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. The P326D electric wheelchair is listed for $2,769.

Our customers can also purchase this power wheelchair with an elevating seat using our simple financing options. This alternative payment method allows our customers who qualify to pay for the product over the course of several months.

For simple financing options, the luxury power wheelchair can be purchased starting at $244 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Our customers also have the option of including additional accessories with their purchase of the p326 power wheelchair. We recommend the weather cover and the oxygen tank holder.

The former, which is FREE to include with the purchase of the p326 power wheelchair, provides much needed shade during hot days. Most importantly, on days where the blistering hot sun is covered by rain clouds, the driver will have adequate protection from the inclement weather conditions.

For the latter, which is an additional $95, the driver will have a secure place to hold his or her oxygen tank holder. Having an oxygen tank is essential for many of our customers.

At any point while driving, they may need assistance breathing and it is imperative that the source of oxygen is secure within the battery powered wheelchair. The oxygen tank holder accomplishes that aim.

Buy a Power Wheelchair With an Elevating Seat, Today!

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