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The Most Discounted Power Wheelchairs

Mobility scooters direct offers financingNote: This blog post was written in 2016 and contains products that are discontinued, make sure to visit our website’s home page to see our most up-to-date selection of mobility products.

Many of our customers do not have excessive disposable income, which requires them to purchase electronic wheelchairs sold by our company through their insurance. The insurance companies are in the business of making money, and in order to pay out claims, they must seek low costs for client expenditures, such as medication and mobility aids. Therefore, it is imperative for our customers to demonstrate that they’re not only looking for a high-quality product but that they are looking for that high-quality product at a discount, which is what this article seeks to provide. The power wheelchairs recommended in this article are amongst the most discounted models sold by our company. Each performs excellently, and are durable products capable of handling cracked pavement and weathered roads. The power wheelchairs selected are from different categories niches, which are folding, full size and heavy-duty power wheelchairs.

Highly Discounted Electric Wheelchairs on Sale

power wheelchairs for disabled peopleThe first recommended power wheelchair is the Wildcat 450 Power Wheelchair. This power wheelchair is relatively light, weighing in at about 170 lbs., yet it can hold over two times its weight. The light framework allows this model to be stored easily when required, such as on trains or on a plane.

A unique aspect of this power wheelchair is that despite its light framework, it is a heavy-duty model, allowing it to travel over various and difficult terrains without exposing itself to damages. It has a maximum speed of 4 mph; a travel range of 15 miles; a turning radius of 41”; and, a weight capacity of 450 lbs. The MSRP on the model is $9657, but is being sold for $1999 — an 80 percent discount!

Another model that is recommended that you check out is the Merits Health P312 Power Wheelchair. A cool feature from this model is that it has a captain seat that has been known to increase stability. This is useful in tight spaces, allowing the power wheelchair to be more maneuverable than similar models. A second feature is that this model includes a 2-in-1 power base, which enables it to be converted to front-wheel drive.

This electric wheelchair has a maximum speed of 4 mph; a travel range of 18 miles; a turning radius of 21”; and a weight capacity of 300 lbs. It is currently being sold for $2195, which is nearly a 70 percent discount — don’t sleep on this item, purchase it right away!

The third recommended model is the Heartway USA CEO Power Wheelchair. This full-size power wheelchair is unique in that having a power elevated seat it is capable of elevating; a feat many electric wheelchairs are unable to match. The specs on this model are amongst the best from our company. It has a maximum speed of 6.25 mph; a travel range of 31 miles; a turning radius of 33”; and, a weight capacity of 350 lbs. It clearly can do it all.

The travel range on the model is a luxury that many customers have remarked with glee. This model doesn’t require constant charging and does not restrict the operator from engaging in one activity or another due to distance and time to charge.

The Perfect Power Wheelchair for your Needs

Another recommended model that is sold from our company is the Merits Health P327 Vision Super Power Wheelchair. This model, like the previous one recommended, is highly maneuverable, capable of taking the tightest turns. It also features a captain seat that is comfortable. This product is good for customers who are interested in a heavy-duty model in terms of durability but is agile like a full-sized model.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, great! One thing to consider is customizing the order to ensure it best meets your needs. For instance, the electric wheelchair can add a weatherproof cover to shield you from the rain and the sun as needed. The electric wheelchair has a maximum speed of 5 mph; a travel range of 20 miles; a turning radius of 20.7”; and, a weight capacity of 450 lbs.

Merits P710 Atlantis

The Merits Health 710 Atlantis Power Wheelchair is also recommended form our company, the superb selection for obese customers that need an electric wheelchair. This model has an inline high power motor built with torque and power allowing it to travel uphill with ease. Specifically, what makes this model ideal for obese customers is the lengthy travel range and high weight capacity. With a high weight capacity, the obese customer can sit in comfort on the captain’s chair and confidently travel from one place to another without worry.

Additionally, accessories can be added to customize the order, without having to worry about too much stress being placed on the motor. These can range from an oxygen tank holder to a large rear basket. The maximum speed on this model is 5 mph; the travel range is 32 miles; the turning radius is 31.5”; and the weight capacity is a generous 600 lbs.

Lastly, our sixth and final recommendation for the most discounted power wheelchairs is the Heartway USA Challenger CL Power Wheelchair. This model is amongst the most expensive in retail stores, such as those that don’t have as good of a relationship with factories as we do. The electric wheelchair is durable and versatile. In addition to having a lengthy travel range, this model can cover distances at fast speeds. The maximum speed on the model is 8 mph; the travel range is either 25 or 32 miles depending on the battery — 12V 62Ah or 12V 80Ah — chosen; a turning radius of 33.5”; and a weight capacity of 500 lbs. We’re currently listing this electric wheelchair for $4599, which is over a 40 percent discount on the MSRP.