Comfortable Power Wheelchairs

Life is short, so why suffer needless pains?

Mobility Scooters Direct sells the most comfortable power wheelchairs for traveling. These are the products customers need to move within the home, to do errands around town and to navigate inside of an office.

Having a comfortable electric wheelchair should be a deal breaker when a customer seeks to purchase a product, especially considering our competitors. Not having a comfortable power chair is the difference between having agonizing back pain and enjoying the short commute from the office to a nearby lunch restaurant.

This article will recommend five of the most comfortable power wheelchairs on the market. These are stocked at our nationwide electric wheelchair store, as they are an excellent investment in the health of our customers.

Increase Independence With a Comfortable Electric Wheel Chair

If you are about to have a hard day of work, it is vital that there are not impediments preventing you from reaching the pinnacle of success. Disappointed customers — from competing stores — have remarked on how terrible it is to have an uncomfortable power wheelchair.

Jazzy Select 6 Power Wheelchair

Having an uncomfortable electric wheelchair commonly happens because the store is not looking out for your best intentions. The Jazzy Select 6 Power Wheelchair is a product that has made traveling great again. It comes equipped with a plush captain seat that contours to the back of the driver.

The Jazzy power wheelchair has the option of an 18” or 20” wide captain seat, which is perfect for customers seeking an enjoyable sitting experience, along with those who need extra room due to obesity.

The Jazzy Select 6 wheelchair reaches maximum speeds of 4 miles per hour. The long distance power wheelchair has a 15-mile travel range, being equipped with U1 12V 35AH batteries. The weight capacity is 300 lbs.

When a person looks at the BOSS 6 Series Power Wheelchair, they immediately know that the seating arrangement is comfortable. The power chair has the perfect combination of a plush, yet firm seating arraignment.

Boss 6 Series Manual

Customers have the option of a captain seat, which comes standard and a curved back rehab. The curved back rehab is immensely comfortable, perfect for long rides from one place to another. The chair width is 22” and it has 18”, 20” and 21” seat depth.

The footplates are cleverly designed to complement the seating arrangement. It is adjustable, to fit the perfect position.

The electronic wheelchair is a comfortable ride, having a maximum speed of nearly 5 mph. The heavy duty power wheelchair covers 20 miles per complete charge. The weight capacity on the 4 wheel electric wheel chair is an immense 600 lbs.

The p327 Vision Super is another product that has immense comfort when traveling from one place to another. Steve Mcmann is a verified buyer of the Vision Super electric wheelchair.

Merits Health P327 Vision Super Power Wheelchair

He said that the quality power wheelchair is the best choice if you want a reliable and comfortable product in his five-star power wheelchair review.

The p327 power wheelchair comes with an elevating seat, upon request. An electric wheelchair with a seat that rises increases the independence of the driver, as he or she can reach items on higher shelves at home for instance without having to exit the product.

The quality electric wheelchair reaches a maximum speed of 5 mph, having a DC 24V 300-watt motor. It is a long distance battery powered wheelchair, with 22NF 12V 55AH batteries, capable of covering 20 miles per complete charge. The weight capacity is 450 lbs.

The Merits Health 710 Atlantis Power Wheelchair is a sturdy product that is comfortable on a variety of terrains. Our customers have the choice of either a 22” width by 18” diameter seat or a 24” width by 18” diameter chair. These can be either a pan seat or a captain seat.

Merits P710 Atlantis

Morbidly obese customers love the Atlantis p710 power wheelchair as it has a 600 lbs. weight capacity.

The brakes are electromagnetic, capable of making quick stops on command. This is important when the Atlantic power chair encounters impediments on the sidewalk or trail and needs to pivot.

The p710 electric wheelchair is a comfortable product that has a high power motor built with enough torque to ride uphills. It has a DC 24V 300-watt motor and reaches maximum speeds of 5 mph. The power wheelchair for travel has 10 degrees grade climbable.

The long distance power wheelchair can cover 32 miles per complete charge with group 24 12V 75AH batteries.

Lastly, consider the Pride Mobility Jazzy Air. The Jazzy Air Elevating Wheelchair is equipped with a comfortable seating arraignment. It has a high back captain seat that provides ample support for the neck when traveling on the product.

Pride Jazzy Air Power Chair

Having neck support is essential, especially when using a power wheelchair with a seat that rises. This will prevent unwanted headaches that can occur from time to time from braking sharply.

The high back captain seat has choices of 16”, 18”, 20” and 22” width, plus 16”, 18” and 20” diameter chair arrangements. These options are perfect for customers, whether they be slimmer or heavier.

The maximum speed for the Jazzy Air electric wheelchair is 4 mph. The long-distance electric wheel chair can cover nearly 19 miles per complete charge. It has U1 35AH batteries.

The weight capacity is a supportive 300 lbs.

Avoid Back Pain With Comfortable Power Wheel Chairs

Having a comfortable power wheelchair is an important investment for seniors who have mobility constraints. We recommend the five electric wheelchairs mentioned in this article, as they are favorites from many previous customers.

If you have questions, we recommend reaching out to a skilled technician from our nationwide power wheelchair store. Please call (877) 721-7748 or engage in a live chat on our website.

Leland P. is a verified buyer of the vision super electric wheelchair. He awarded the product five-stars, yet in his power wheelchair review, he commented on more than just the exceptional product.

“The dealer was easy to work with and the wheelchair was equipped just as the salesman stated,” Leland said. “I would recommend this company.”