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2019 Power Wheelchairs by C.T.M. Homecare

C.T.M. Homecare sells quality power wheelchairs at an affordable price. These products are constructed from the best parts where attention to detail is applied to ensure their durability.

This article will recommend three top-of-the-line power wheelchairs for our customers to buy in 2019, such as the following models:

These effective products have excellent power wheelchair reviews from previous customers who were able to regain their independence.

The 4 wheel electronic wheelchairs offer strong performance, capable of providing a reliable ride on a variety of challenging terrains. Another essential detail is the comfort of these quality electric wheelchairs, which lasts for mile after mile of travel.

Buy a Folding Power Wheelchair

The CTM HS-6200 is a folding power wheelchair designed for a majority of indoor places. The handicap power wheelchair reliably travels between doorways and the command of the driver.

ctm-hs-6000-power-wheelchairThis folding power wheelchair from C.T.M. Homecare has excellent performance. The power chair is equipped with a 420W 4600RPM motor that reaches maximum speeds of 5 mph. The quality power wheelchair has two 12V 36AH batteries and can cover nearly 12 miles per full charge.

The batteries on the CTM HS 6200 are removable, upon the discretion of the driver. The removable batteries weigh 60 pounds. Taking them from the product makes loading the electronic wheelchair into a vehicle much more manageable. But, loading the batteries back into the folding power wheelchair is just as simple.

The CTM HS-6200 is suitable for customers that are overweight. The battery-powered wheelchair accommodates a 280-pound weight capacity. Many customers will find that this supports them.

Customers often pair the CTM HS-6200 with additional accessories to personalize the product to the needs of the driver. We recommend a weatherproof cover, which is listed for $180, to shield the driver from the blazing hot sun on warm summer days when traveling outside.

Another crucial decision is the color of this quality electronic wheelchair. The CTM HS-6200 comes in either a blue or red, both of which look sleek when traveling from one place to another. Drivers make the best first impression when meeting other people while riding the CTM HS-6200.

CTM HS-2850

‘Did Our Research’

The CTM HS-2800, a compact mid-wheel drive power wheelchair, is amongst the most sought-after products on the market. TopTenReviews ranked the electric wheelchair on its best list of 2019.

The standout feature on the Compact Mid-Wheel is its ability to climb hills up to 8 degrees, according to the review website. All the while, it moves at a quick pace and is comfortable to sit on.

The CTM HS 2800 moves at a maximum speed of 4 mph as it is powered by a 420 watt 4600 RPM motor. The power wheelchair for adults is equipped with two 12V 36Ah batteries. The product covers a nearly 15-mile distance per complete charge.

The CTM HS-2800 moves swiftly, whether the driver is indoors or outside. The product drives on 10-inch wheels. The turning radius is a tight 22.4 inches, perfect for sharp turns while avoiding impediments such as furniture or a small sidewalk curb.

The full-size electric wheelchair has a 300-pound weight capacity and is equipped with a high-back captains seat. The seating arrangement provides support when going over bumps in the sidewalk while the comfort of the chair makes it ideal for covering longer distances.

Edward B. was a reluctant customer. Not because of our store or his buying experience, but because he was happy with his previous power wheelchair. In his five-star electric wheelchair review, Edward said he had his last motorized wheelchair for 14 years.

While Edward wanted to keep the power wheelchair, it could not be fixed. He was in the market for a product that would last as many years as his previous product.

“We looked online and did our research,” Edward said. “We found the one at CTM, and Dustin was very informative and walked us through it.”

Reliable Power Wheelchair for Traveling

Power wheelchair reviews are favorable for the CTM HS-2850, our third recommended product from our nationwide power wheelchair store.
Don Gottschalk gave the CTM HS-2850 a five-star rating in his electronic wheelchair review. “It is compact, very attractive looking and gets me most anywhere in our house,” said Don.

What separates the 4 wheel power wheelchair from competing models is the favorable size. “This chair is easily controlled and not so big and bulky!” said Don.

The CTM HS-2850 travels at a maximum speed over 4 mph with a 420W 4900 RPM motor. This long distance power wheelchair is equipped with two 12V 35AH batteries and covers over 12 miles per full charge.

The CTM HS-2850 not only performs well but it has an attractive appearance. The power wheelchair for traveling comes in a variety of beautiful colors, such as red, blue or silver.

Having a cool color on the product makes giving the power wheelchair a more favorable impression when given as a gift. The buyer can pick any color and the electric wheelchair will maintain its impressive efficiency.

While John D. has only had the power wheelchair for a week, he already recommends the product to others.

John purchased the CTM HS 2850 for his father. His dad, 91 years old, has dementia and needs the product to move around at his age.

John is thankful for his purchase. He said it is great, especially the maneuverability, which is vital for his dad.

Buy an Electic Wheelchair by C.T.M. Homecare

Obese customers love the C.T.M. Homecare power wheelchairs. They are designed for a comfortable ride while having the performance to take the driver to his or her intended destination at a reasonable time.

Also, these products can hold heavy drivers without them having to worry about their quality power wheelchair malfunctioning.

Chat with a skilled technician during our hours of operation to learn more about C.T.M. Homecare and the fantastic products we sell from the company at our nationwide power wheelchair store.

To speak with a member of our team, please call (877) 721-7748. We are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST during the workweek. On weekends, our hours of operation are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST.

We are proud to help our clients gain their independence and explore the outdoors with confidence. “Mobility Scooters Direct offers top quality customer service,” our website provides, which is “dedicated to the needs of every customer.”